2016 Spring
(Pizza Café Tsubasa opened)
Since opening, we have been baking the same quality style of pizza. We use only the best dough and cheese to deliver timeless taste. We are anxiously anticipating your visit again and again.
Flour and sauce
 We carefully blend a selection of Napoli type flours to give our pizza the popular Japanese mochi consistency. The pizza is based on the Italian style, but adapted to suit Japanese taste. 
We very carefully create our pizza sauce from Italian tomatoes to create a simple, less sour taste that well suits the cheese and base.
Tsubasa’s Cheese
German mozzarella * Dutch gouda
Using vegetable oil and no artificial preservatives makes it good for health. Tsubasa, our junior shop manager, can be proud of this cheese.



Private Parties and Live Events
Private Parties
and Live Events

The first floor of Pizza Cafe Tsubasa seats 50. There is also a well equipped sound and lighting system for use as a live venue. In addition, a karaoke system is available for use at private parties.

The second floor houses a karaoke room with seating for 30, available for use with mini live events and private parties. All you can drink plan also available.

About us


1899-76 Innoshima Habu, Onomichi, Hiroshima.




Weekdays * Saturdays 11:00~22:00

Sundays * National holidays 11:00~15:00

Off days



1F: 50 seats / 2F: 30 seats


No smoking * Bicycle parking * Play area




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